sexta-feira, agosto 27, 2010

Gerard Arthur Way

Gerard Arthur Way, borned in Newark in 1977, the lead singer in my favourite band in this world - My Chemical Romance.
Gerard Arthur Way, singer, writer, painter, illustrater and a genious.
Gerard Arthur Way, an inspiration, a life savior, a walking angel (I'm inspired!!)
Gerard Arthur Way, cute, awesome, funny, stylish, away beyond amazing and damned hot!

If you dont know his band, you should really take a look at their videoclips.. I mean, they are just amazing and truly inspirational... Their songs simply touch you in such a way, I can't even say it in words *.* They have inspired me a lot, really a Lot. So, I owe them a place in my blog.. and of course, not to mention that they have an amazing style.. Just look at Gerard's jackets *.* to Die for.

Dedicated to my beloved Veronica Braga - my half, my bestie, my inspiration, my love, my life savior, my everything <3

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stacey kelly disse...

i love his hair! i want his bangs haha.


Star-Light disse...

ohhh i absolutely love him!

thanks for posting <3

Carolina disse...

Hi, do you speak portuguese? well, i'll practice my english, so.. I met Gerard Way through my younger sister. I know some songs and I like the style. I've seen some interesting clips and he certainly has a lot of attitude. I find it cool. bye!

Effi disse...

I just want his hair, although he's a boy hahaha! I really like the last pic... great post(:
I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

Nagy disse...

Eu acho ele maravilhoso!
Faz muito tempo que não ouço musicas do MCR,mas depois desse post,corri pro Youtube!

Bjoooo LIndona.

ANGELINA disse...

ohh great style..
I want all of his jackets!!
the clothes they prefer in their videoclips are stunning!! <3 My Chemical Romance too...

FASHION ICE disse...

love them! come follow

SandraaOliveira disse...

sim sou :S
canto mal

eu via te varias vezes,

SandraaOliveira disse...

sim eu tenho conta
qeres tens qe me pagar 30 euros
mas para ti faço barato 20 hahahah
tou a brincar
eu posso te mandar convite
tens qe dar o teu email

SandraaOliveira disse...

nao eras nada tontinha
eu a qe era uma atrufiadinha XD
qe levava sempre com fruta na cabeça em todos os intervais

SandraaOliveira disse...

ja te mandei o convite
depois qero ver o teu
aqi tens o meu lookbook

Ipshita Peters disse...

Gerard is so amazing!!

Ipshita Peters disse...

Gerard is so amazing <3