sábado, maio 29, 2010

Black Summer

My kind of summer <3

Marlena Szoka by Daniel Gabbay for Marie Claire Italia.
Want it *.*
Love the dark feeling in these <3

quarta-feira, maio 26, 2010

Viva la Diva

Kate Moss by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris July 2010

Perfect *.*
I love the white against her tanned skin .. amazing!

An inspiration <3
She's amazing and I can't stop thinking she has dated Johnny Depp.. *.*
She really has it all --.'

Uma inspiração <3
Ela é mesmo uau e não consigo deixar de pensar que ela andou com o Johnny Depp..*.*
Tem mesmo tudo a miuda --.'

segunda-feira, maio 24, 2010

Sexy eyes

Check her out, she is amazing!
I dont use to take much time with my make up, but I always wanted to know how to do those cat eyes with the eyeliner. Its perfect to those disco nights! *.* her tips are great! I loved it <3

Vejam este video, ela é demais!
Não costumo perder muito tempo com maquilhagem mas sempre quis saber como fazer o biquinho com o eyeliner, tipo olhos de gata. É perfeito para sair à noite *.* As dicas dela são mesmo excelentes! Adorei <3

domingo, maio 23, 2010

My summer babies

I've been organizing my bikinis' drawer and I noticed I'm in need of some essentials!
A stripped one (nautical), the one with a zebra pattern, a brown one cause I love brown when I'm tanned, a black one with studs *.* and a white bikini top.
Estive a arrumar a minha gaveta de bikinis e reparei que tenho falta de alguns essenciais!
Um às riscas, tipo nautico, o tal de padrão zebra, um castanho pois adoro o castanho quando fico bronzeada, um preto com tachas *.* e uma parte cima branca.
This one is actually my favorite *.* I bought it last year in Porto Santo :) It has small attachments that sparkle at the sun light :D I love it.
Este é o meu preferido *.* comprei-o no Porto Santo, nas férias passadas :) tem uns pequenos detalhes que brilham ao sol :D adoro-o.
I use these too with a black bottom.
Uso estas duas partes de cima separadamente, claro, com uma parte de baixo preta.
My black and white collection :)
A minha colecção de preto e branco :)
Glitter *.*
Brilhantess *.*
These ones I rarely wear, I don't realy like their shape (my mom bought them for me). Tough I like the blue one.
Não uso muito estes, não gosto muito da forma da parte de cima (minha mão é que mos comprou). Ainda assim, até gosto do azul.
The one on the left is actually denim, but it has lost a bit of its' colour because I've wore it a lot x) The blue on the right I've never wore it.. It's a bit big.
O da esquerda é de ganga clarinha. Já perdeu um pouco a cor pois já o usei imensas vezes x) O azul da direita fica-me pouco grande por isso nunca o usei.
I have these ones for a while. The first one, on the left, can be worn on both sides ( pink or with the colours ). The bottom parts I use them with a black bikini top.
Já tenho estes À muito tempo. O da esquerda pode ser usado dos dois lados, ou com a parte só cor-de-rosa ou com as riscas coloridas. As partes de baixo riscadas costumo usar com uma parte de cima preta.

Notei agora que a maioria das partes de baixo são de amarrar aos lados x) realmente são as minhas preferidas :)

quinta-feira, maio 20, 2010

Smells like summer!

The model isValentina Zelyaeva and she was photographed by Regan Cameron for Allure magazine June 2010. I love the feeling of the pictures.. they are soo laid back and it realy feels like summer too me.
Love this bikini! Want it in tons of black & white *.*
I want an ice-cream *.* It would sure lighten up my spirit :/

terça-feira, maio 18, 2010


Fall 2010 ready-to-wear

This is Hermès ready-to-wear runway show for Fall 2010.
J'adore it <3
I could wear ir all.. I think its all really good putten together and I love the black and grey leather as well.
Masculine but feminine at the same time. Love love love!
Hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me ^^ *

domingo, maio 16, 2010

Daily outfit !

My baby, preparing to scratch his nails on my tights.
This is Berry <3 she's 1 month old. She has 3 little sisters and 2 brothers. She doesnt like taking pictures, she's always playing around with everything she sees. Especially my tights. But I love her ^^
This is Shila. She had 5 litlle babies yesterday. She is now taking care of her babies and the other 6 (Berry and her brothers) .. So I have, yes, 12 cats !

I'm wearing: Tshirt from Stradivarius, skirt, Clutch and tights from Zara, blazer and shoes (which you cant see, sorry) from Bershka. ^^

Anyways, my mom went to Lisbon and she arrived today :) this is what she brought me :D
Tees from H&M (I asked her for jackets, she brought me tshirts --. )
From Pimkie
Oh, and some pastéis de Belém *.* delicious :D~

Xoxo *

sábado, maio 15, 2010

Daily outfit and my puppies *

Hi everyone! I'm sorry, I havent been here as often as I wish :/ 
This was my outfit for lastnight.. Went out with some friends and my Boyfriend*
I wore a skirt from Zara, Top from Pinkie and the blazer is from Zara as well.

The reason why I havent been around is this :
And wait! This aint all!
I have these 5 puppies, My cat had 6 kitties and my other cat had 3 (so far.. she is giving birth right now!)
And the worst thing.. The mother of the 6 kitties died in a car accident :( I have to take care of the babies, feeding them with a seringue. They are doing ok, luckly, and probably next week they will start eating on their own cause they are 1 month old already.
I'll make a post with their pictures ^^ see ya
 Xoxo *

quarta-feira, maio 12, 2010

Daily outfit !

Oui, thats moi xD I'm not realy photogenic so you have been warned xD
With that last post about military jackets I decided to wear mine today ^^ the temperature dropped a bit so it was the perfect chance :) My boyfriend surprised me when we offered me the jacket.. I almost had tears in my eyes xD He knew I loved the jacket and he was such a sweety and bought it for me :') thank you dear - Luv you <3

-.-' that was supposed to be a kiss xD so stuppid
My Eiffel Tower <3 sorry about the nails.. --' gotta have the time to paint them tomorrow.
Tshirt - Stradivarius 
Skirt - Bershka
Jacket - Bershka
Shoes - Bershka
Bag - Stradivarius
Tights - Calzedonia
Xoxo *