sexta-feira, agosto 27, 2010

Gerard Arthur Way

Gerard Arthur Way, borned in Newark in 1977, the lead singer in my favourite band in this world - My Chemical Romance.
Gerard Arthur Way, singer, writer, painter, illustrater and a genious.
Gerard Arthur Way, an inspiration, a life savior, a walking angel (I'm inspired!!)
Gerard Arthur Way, cute, awesome, funny, stylish, away beyond amazing and damned hot!

If you dont know his band, you should really take a look at their videoclips.. I mean, they are just amazing and truly inspirational... Their songs simply touch you in such a way, I can't even say it in words *.* They have inspired me a lot, really a Lot. So, I owe them a place in my blog.. and of course, not to mention that they have an amazing style.. Just look at Gerard's jackets *.* to Die for.

Dedicated to my beloved Veronica Braga - my half, my bestie, my inspiration, my love, my life savior, my everything <3

domingo, agosto 01, 2010

Daily outfit !

Extra Extraa
Invest in femenine tailoring and polished accesories to look effortlessly pulled.
Rock chic just got tougher (and a whole lot sexier). Leather, zips and denim bring the look up to speed.
With vintage-inspired pieces and chic metallics that work day or night.
Awesome, if I may say so ^^
Lapas (sort of sea food) - deliciousss :D
Hope you guys had an awesome week :)
I'm almost finishing work! 3 more weeks and I'm done! :D
Tough, I've learned to like it and I'm gonna miss everyone I met and everything.. course I miss more my free time xD