terça-feira, outubro 05, 2010

Fierce & Blacksheep ^^

So, 2 weeks ago, me and Raquel @blacksheep went out to take some photos ^^
I had a lot of fun with her, she's so nice and cute :D
It was one of those days.. in the morning it was a beautifull sun and in the afternoon it starded to rain :/
Btw, I finally got to wear her amazing boyfriend jacket which I was in love with for a long time xD yayy!
Madeira is sooo beautifull, isnt it ? ^^
There she is :D (I'm a bit jealous.. she gets perfect in every photo -.-')  go take a look at her amazing blog

 :D it was a nice day.. sadly, we wont do it more often :/ she knows why x)

I was wearing: her Bf jacket from Zara *.*, Jeans from Stradivarius, white top from bershka and shoes from Zara.

ps. e os hamburguers do 'Castelo' ? *.* yammmiii

9 hugs:

Raquel disse...

ohh tão fofa!
ainda temos de fazer mais uma destas antes de eu ir embora!! :D
btw, não fico sempre bem nas fotos, apenas escolheste as melhores haha!

já levaste o bf ao castelo? foi pena n termos fotografado os hamburguers e os batidos. ai só de pensar... nom nom nom!


Candid Phobic disse...

These are great photos. I love the view and that boyfriend jacket :-)

Ivania santos By DIAMOND disse...

Gosto gosto gosto do black blaser!!


Courtney Erin disse...

Gorgeous photos!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Star-Light disse...

lovely pics :))

Panty Buns disse...

You look fantastic wearing the Zara jacket and shoes, Stradivarius Jeans and Berksha top and the scenery is at once both breathtakingly spectacular and soothing to look at. Yes, Madeira is very beautiful.

Larissa Matias disse...

Seu look ta simplesmente incrível. AMEI!

To sentindo sua falta lá no Blog.


Nagy disse...

Sua liiiiinda!
adorei o look ;D
E tava com saudades de suas visitas!
Pois é,foi meu aniversário e eu pagando mico,né????
mas era aniversário e nesse dia todos os micos são permitidos!

Bjooooo lindaaa.

lisarah disse...

Woooow. really nice blazer!

gorgeous blog!